How to care for your Loet Vanderveen bronze sculpture

We recommend that you handle your sculpture with the following precautions in mind.

  • In the case of group sculptures, please be sure to lift the entire sculpture, not just the total weight by one animal
  • Please remove any rings and take care that clothing, belts etc, do not come into contact with the sculpture, as this could scratch the patina
  • Do not display your sculpture in direct sunlight or too close to any hot display lighting, near open fires or any other strong heat source, as the patinas may be damaged
  • Avoid extremes of heat, cold or humidity
  • If any accidental damage occurs to your sculpture, please do feel free to contact your supplier to discuss the possibility of having it returned to the factory to be repaired or re-patinaed. This will incur a charge which can be estimated at the time of enquiry

    Photographs by Gina Taro