Maintenance of your sculpture

  • There is no requirement to do any more than lightly dust your sculpture with a clean feather duster
  • If you prefer the highly polished areas of bronze to remain so, any tarnish can be removed extremely carefully with Brasso or similar product, not wadding products. It is vital that this is applied carefully with a cotton bud and that no fluid is allowed contact with the patina, which is likely to remove it
  • If the patina begins to look dull, and you wish to re-vitalise it, you may apply Johnson's Traffic Wax sparingly with fingers to the patinaed areas only and then vigorously buff with a nylon stocking or soft clean cloth
  • Natural oils from contact by hand may leave marks or remove patina from your sculpture, so please try not to handle too frequently

    For certain patinas
  • Bright silver patina - natural acid from hands may result in yellow spots, these might be removed with very sparing application of metal polish, to be immediately buffed off lightly - do not buff vigorously
  • Marble red and liquid pearl patinas - use a feather duster only - these patinas are more fragile than any other and should never be waxed or rubbed
  • Jewel Collection - do not use any paste, Brasso, wax or any other product on your sculpture. Feather dusting is adequate, but if required, Pledge Clear Spray Wax may be used sparingly and then wiped off.